Our School & Philosophy

Our School

Belle Academy of Dance was formerly known as CLB Dance Academy which was owned and directed from 1990-2005 by Connie Bracey, with assistance from manager Kay Ferris, 1998-2005. Upon Ms. Bracey’s decision to relinquish her ownership of the studio, Ms. Ferris chose to carry on the business as Belle Academy of Dance, LLC in August, 2005.

Ms. Ferris and the staff of instructors are dedicated to carrying on the studio’s rich tradition of high-quality dance instruction, a disciplined yet fun and caring atmosphere, creative, age-appropriate, professional performances, and a well-organized, efficient business.

Our Philosophy

Belle Academy of Dance, LLC is dedicated to providing the highest quality of dance education in a creative and non-competitive fashion. The program is based on the philosophy that dance education plays an integral role in the development of all children. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, to teach them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance. The classes are appropriately structured in a supportive and fun-filled environment, enabling students to progress at their own rate. All teachers of Belle Academy are trained dance instructors who bring a wide range of talents and experience to the program.

Dance for the Art of Dance

Looking for a dance studio for your child to have fun but also to receive a good dance education, discipline, and excellent technique?  Where performances present the beauty and fun of dance, the art of dance, and the emotional story that dance can tell?

Looking for a dance studio that isn’t wrapped up in competitions?  Where every class receives equal importance and quality instruction?

Looking for a studio where children are allowed to be children with conservative, yet effective, costuming and family-friendly music?  You’ve come to the RIGHT place – Belle Academy of Dance!  Read our testimonials to be convinced! Check out the class photos!   Contact us for more info and to register.  We’d love to welcome YOU!