“I started my girls at Belle Academy because I saw a performance at the Festival of Trees and was very impressed with how professional it was. Because of the great balance between technical instruction and enjoyable classes, my girls have loved being there for the past 5 years, and I have really enjoyed seeing them grow in dance.”

Randin Letendre – Moline, IL

“We were new to the Davenport area looking for ballet for my oldest daughter and to start my youngest. Belle Academy has excellent technique right from the start in a structured, friendly atmosphere. The teaching staff is excellent. The recitals are amazing, well-organized productions, just a joy to watch. We feel very fortunate to have found Belle Academy.”

Mary Kilburg – Davenport, IA

“Our two daughters have danced at Belle Academy of Dance, and its predecessor CLB, for more than 10 years. We are pleased with Kay and her staff in their development of technique, passion for the art, and love of their students. Our girls have learned many skills through their study of dance at Belle Academy including discipline, teamwork, commitment, poise and self-confidence in addition to their dance technique which have, and will continue to serve them through their lifetimes. We are thrilled to have made Belle our choice for our girls!”

Heidi and Hank Runge – Davenport, IA

“Our experience at Belle Academy over the past nine years has been one of extreme satisfaction.  We are always proud to tell people that our three daughters dance at Belle Academy.  Kay Ferris and her staff are what truly set this studio apart.  They always put forth the utmost in professionalism, dedication, and passion when instructing our girls, yet they also know how to make it fun!  Through each of the years, our various instructors have been great at developing our girls’ abilities and helping them to prepare for the fantastic year-end recital. We can’t imagine a better place for our daughters to be learning a dancer’s poise, self-confidence, self-discipline, and skill.”

Dave and Lisa Tews — Bettendorf, Iowa 

“One of the many things I appreciate about Belle Academy is that the instructors not only teach proper technique, but they also emphasize the story being told in each dance. Belle Academy is making my daughter a better dancer and a more expressive performer.”

Melissa Anderson Clark – Davenport, IA

“I highly recommend Belle Dance Academy to everyone!  I appreciate the dedication of all the teachers and students and am astonished by the exquisite technique of the Belle Academy dancers. We are lucky to have musically talented dance instructors who choose extraordinary music (instead of just pop songs) for their dances. The students are learning to be dedicated, committed, trustworthy, self confident, healthy, well-rounded, expressive, to relieve stress, increase serotonin and increase cognitive acuity at all ages. Thank you Belle Academy!”

Mrs. Monike Hill, DCSD Band Director

“My daughter has danced at Belle Academy for over 10 years.  She began as a 4 year old, and is now in high school.  Through her experiences at Belle, she has not only become a beautiful dancer, but has also developed inner strength and confidence.  She is tall, yet doesn’t slouch, proud of her height and sure in her movements.  She has gained leadership skills, not only in her own classes, but also through the opportunity to assist with younger dancers at the annual recitals.  We also appreciate that Belle is conservative in the choice of costumes and music for the recitals, not having students look or act in ways that are inappropriate for their age or for a family audience.”

Jennifer Van Itallie – Davenport, IA

“My daughter, now almost 11, started at Belle last year.  I was slightly concerned that she might be sort of behind, as many of the other girls had been dancing for quite some time.  She really seemed to be enjoying it, but I wasn’t sure how she was dancing.  My answer came at the recital.  I was amazed at how well she danced after only 9 months of instruction!   Belle offers excellent instruction and Miss Kay and the other teachers are able to get the kids to work and want to do their best.  My daughter responds well to a structured, disciplined environment (with some fun mixed in!) and this is what Belle provides.  It is a top notch studio and the recital was so well done – I was impressed by every aspect, especially the dancing.  I highly recommend Belle if you want the best!”

Jane Trasowech – Davenport, IA

“Our daughters are beginning their 5th and 3rd seasons with Belle, and given they are ages 7 and 5 they have spent a good portion of their lives dancing with Kay and the Belle staff. There are a few reasons that my girls will only dance at Belle as long as they continue to dance. First and foremost is the growth that I have seen in their abilities to dance. They are doing things that I would not imagine that girls this young could do, at least not with the mastery of skill that I see in these young ladies. Another reason I will choose no other dance studio is due to the professionalism with which Kay runs her business. Kay takes dance very seriously and passes on this level of professionalism to the students she teaches. I sent my daughters to dance because I felt it important to learn discipline from someone other than just their parents. These girls work when they are at the studio and they use their time there very wisely.

All the instructors are extremely warm and passionate about their craft and with similar work ethic as Kay. They can be seen at dress rehearsals and recitals clapping and cheering on their respective classes, but also paying compliments to the smaller dancers that they have not worked with yet.

I am extremely grateful that my girls have been given an opportunity to learn such a beautiful craft from such a lovely staff. If you want your children to develop a work ethic that will last a lifetime, if you would like to see their hearts swell with pride when they dance, and if you would like them to learn self confidence early on, take them to Belle Academy of Dance. These are the experiences that I have been lucky enough to share with my children.”

Dawn Hickenbottom – Davenport, IA

“Congrats to you and your team on putting together such a professional, graceful, creative, and well done dance recital.  I was blown away by its perfection.  It was also such a great opportunity for Netsanet and the younger, beginner dancers to see what hard work and dedication looks like at the other end.  WOW!  I was so impressed.”

Liz Kantner – Davenport, IA

“Before I say anything about anything else, I want to congratulate/rave to you about the truly FABULOUS performances last weekend!!! This is our first year with Belle Academy and I was not prepared for the level of professionalism and spectacular fun that was evident in the recital. The choreography was exciting and various, the costumes and music were superb, and all the dancers came together to give us in the audience a most remarkable mother’s day event. Maren had a ball — she felt like a very big girl doing something exciting and important and fun — and her brother and I (and her grandparents) just loved it.

Thank you again for all the grace and beauty and excellent energy you directed for all those dancers this weekend. I also thought your comments on the seniors and the award-winning recipients were powerful and full of compassion and care. It was all just marvelous.”

Rebecca Wee – Davenport, IA

“I know you and the staff teach bc you have a passion for dance and the girls. I just want you to know how you helped shape Maddison, and gave her a place of love and security, to belong, to build her confidence and to help her become the woman she is destined to be. I cannot thank you enough for being such genuine, kind and loving influences on her. “

Sue Elizondo – Davenport, IA

“I wanted to tell you that my husband and I really enjoyed our first recital with Belle Academy.  Two things really struck us as unique – the awards you gave the students and the music that the instructors selected.  The songs for the younger children, especially, was so appropriate.  Selecting the song about chocolate chip cookies was so sweet & innocent.  This was Hallie’s 8th dance recital and we have always enjoyed the music, but this year we were very impressed by how darling the music was for each age group.  We also thought the awards were very thoughtful.  It was obvious that the girls that received the awards were genuinely surprised and honored to be recognized.  We also liked the costumes – very age appropriate and tasteful.”

Karen Weaver – Davenport, IA

“That was a beautiful recital.  I especially appreciated the elegance and beauty of the costumes.  The dance routines were tasteful and appropriate for young ladies.  As a mother of young daughters I thank you.”

Judy Howell RN, BSN, OCN – Davenport, IA